Thursday, July 21, 2005

Memanjangkan peringatan dari Penghulu..

Assalamualaikum wrt dan Salam Sejahtera
Berhubung incident yang berlaku diLondon pada jam 2.27 petang tadi, saya mendapat arahan daripada MSD untuk menyampaikan informasi terkini kepada semua warga MCCH bahawa keadaan di UK secara dasarnya adalah terkawal dan baik. Letupan kecil yang berlaku tadi tidak mempunyai motif yang tertentu dan masih diperingkat siasatan. Namun sentimen terhadap Muslim terutamanya sekarang adalah tinggi (Ref:CIf Inspector Lomaz, 14 Julai 2005, GMP). Oleh yang demikian semua warga MCCH dan Malaysian Manchester secara amnya diminta untuk mengelakkan dari sebarang perkara-perkara yang boleh menimbulkan suasana tidak kondusif dikalangan masyarakat setempat. Bagi ibu-ibu yang berkerjaya (part-time) melebihi jam 8 malam adalah tidak digalakkan berjalan bersendirian.Sila pastikan keselamatan ibu-ibu dan isteri-isteri semasa dan selepas kerja.
Hasil perbincangan bersama Timbalan TYT Pesuruhjaya TInggi Malaysia London, En Zainal kelmarin, beliau juga meminta semua warga Malaysia saling ingat-mengingat antara satu sama lain.
Untuk makluman semua, MCCH diminta untuk menubuhkan satu task-force keselamatan bagi persediaan untuk apa jua perkara yang tidak diingini berlaku. Semua warga MCCH juga diminta untuk melaporkan kepada MCCH sekiranya terdapat apa jua insiden kecil mahupun besar yang berlaku.
Adalah diingatkan bahawa ingatan yang diberikan tidak bermaksud suasana sekarang tidak kondusif tetapi sekadar langkah berhati-hati. Saya juga telah diberi jaminan oleh pihak Polis Komuniti Manchester bahawa keselamatan dan suasana di Manchester adalah yang terbaik dan terkawal buat masa ini
Sekali pihak MCCH ingin mengucapkan terima kasih diatas kerjasama yang telah diberikan oleh semua ahli.
Salam Hormat

Penghulu MCCH

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The craze for Harry Potter.. believe it or not?!

It's finally here!

I don't need to put it in words.. the craze for Harry Potter had swept everyone.. from all ages of people, be it kids, adult, politicians, famous actors/actresses, singers, engineers, scientists all around the globe (termasuk juga ibu muda macam Kak Nana yang nangis-nangis baca buku ni). The kids section of BBC UK, CBBC have it in words how this record-breaking book selling of Harry Potter hit the world today, on the day of its launch. See in the picture, the smiling JK Rowling.

A bunch of grown up muggles were set to hold a conference due to be held on the 29th-31st of July, the first ever Harry Potter Conference, Accio 2005 at the University of Reading. Anyone interested to present a paper or attend this conference, feel free to do so. I hear the number of seats are limited , and perhaps have all already been taken. The call for papers for presentation, panels and worksyop have already started since last year's December (if I am not mistaken) and many titles have already been approved by the organizing committee. Look out for the suggested topics that they have in line, really really interesting for those of you PotterMania. I reckon their guest speakers are all of significant figures of UK's famous writers.

To retrace the events before the launching of the new book Half Blood Prince, I have constantly been visiting these fan sites. My favourite is MuggleNet, next to Leaky Cauldron, HPAna, and there's this one very-very exclusive website of JK Rowling where, she herself updates and communicates with the readers of Harry Potter. Before the launching, they have been setting up websites, counting down the days for the book launch, planning for parties during the midnight launching in the UK, exclusive interviews with Jo, the "cub" reporters constest, not to forget the rumours and spoilers for the title of the new book & its plot.

What more can I say...

The Launch of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Latest (Live) from Edinburgh Castle.. picture taken when Jo is reading
Chapter 6 of the new HPHBP at ITV Granada.
JK Rowling arrived at the castle in a black Mercedes just 5 minutes before midnight, clasped tightly in her hand is the brand new HPHBP (first glimpse of the book: seems quite thick!). She was ushered on a red carpet which enters the castle right into its main hall. Just minutes before that, the selected "cub" reporters (the 70 winners from all over UK, many of them were between the age 7-10 years old) were seen being carried in several horse drawn carriages up to the castle. Silence fell over right after the counting down to 12.01 a.m. (16th July), the "cub" reporters were eagerly waiting in their seats. . Suddenly, Jo appeared from the door smiling and waving at her audience, only to be greeted with warm round of applause. She briefly gave an introduction of what she's going to read after seating at the high rise leather seat in front of the audience. She started off with Chapter 6, the plot when the trios went visiting Fred & George's new joke shop. No more spoilers to be added here. Have a go with the book, UK selling price is now from GBP 8.99. Jo stopped reading after a few pages, probably half way through the chapter and when she stopped, there was another tremendous round of applause by the audience, inside and outside of the castle. Click on to Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet for more reports on the new book launching.

GTA (got to apparate) now. Cheers all~

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Counting down .... to 16th July


Wondering when will I get my copies from Amazon... please please please be quick.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The London Blast..

Thursday morning, the 7th of July 2005, another day that marked a devastating history. Alongside the 9/11 New York attack, the mid March Madrid tragedy.. here's the 7/7 London Blast. Unaware of what's happening, Londoners were occupied into their daily routine, wake up-get dress- grab a coffee-catch a bus-take the tube... devoting themselves to work.

9 am is a common start of office hour in the UK. The same time where I need to swipe my card at the office here in Manchester. Though at that time, the first blast were already felt by the commuters on Circle Line from Aldgate to Liverpool Street Station. This station is the main station for train heading east towards East Anglia. These are the two stations that is nearest to Zone 2 and identified as the deepest underground tunnel of London's tube network. It was reported that the Circle Line experienced an underground explosion which was initially believed to be the faulty short circuit of the very old (more than 80 years?) train electrical power source. Injuries and casualties (at least 7) had already caused devastation to this first incident. This was followed by another separate blast on a Piccadilly Line which is travelling between Russel Square and King's Cross. I have been there earlier this year. The place were packed with muggles ( Harry Potter's term) as it is still under renovation for upgrading. It was not a very attractive scene from my eyes, then. This station is quite significant because it connects London with some of UK's northern cities. This is also the filmin location of Harry Potter, for each and every sequel of its movies. Further west, another explosion occured on another Circle Line carriage. This time, it is in Edgeware Road, the road where it is most populated with Muslims in London. This station is one of the biggest interchange between the underground tubes and trains in Central London. Located nearby are 2 of the famous Malaysian restaurant; Mawar and Naha. I was there last two weeks, and the atmosphere was vibrantly stimulating for tourists to visit. The last explosion is what I think was very "barbaric" as Tony Blair addressed it in the morning. It happened not very far from King's Cross. A number "30" double decker bus was ripped off from its lower tier when the upper tier exploded. Pieces of bodies shattered everywhere (quoted from BBC). 2 were confirm dead with hundreds of injuries.

Dalam serius, ada jugak lawak signboard ni. Try spotting the mistake.

Syukur, semua kenalan saya selamat. I can just imagine what it will be like trapped in the densed underground tunnel, with smoke, darkness and very thin air to breathe.. I don't even dare to think more of it. Last two weeks on the tube from Bayswater to Victoria during the morning rush at 8.40 in the morning, I had that tingling instinct "what if.. just what if there's someone hijacking and suicidally blast this sardine-packed tube I am boarding, that would mean today will be the last day that I will saw the face of the earth"...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The story about CK

The Cik Kiah or glamorously known as The CKs was established 7 years ago in 1998 originating from the interest of 10 girls with mounting intention to go travelling on their own. The original place of birth of this establishment was in University Technology PETRONAS, during which the time the land of Tronoh was ruled by the old miners (old people where they used to work as miners in the 1960s-70s) of Tronoh, Batu Gajah, Taman Maju and USM KCP. Those were the times when the land of the Metana,Etana, Propana hostels was still red due to its very recent completion of construction only days before we came in.

Its members were chosen from the group of girls previously studying in MARA College Banting, Malaysian-France Institute and PPP/ITM. Although their background were very diverse, they share one thing in common which is their dreams to continue their degree abroad shattered when the sponsors (MARA,JPA) decided to absorb their students to any one of the private but elite universities in Malaysia. Hence, starting from May 1998, the girls gradually get into the 'click' of their own which very much influenced by their original place of study.

Living in the same hostel, has got it advantages. At the initial stage, their meeting points were constrained in the toilet while doing the laundry, in the common room to watch TV or in the kitchen to cook using the magic rice cooker.

List of members (according to alphebatical order):

Due to the outgoing character of some of its members, the 'click' from MFI, PPP and MCB get along really well. After a little bit of organization, they drafted a plan to go travelling. The first project was to Teluk Batik, a famous lagoon (located in Lumut, Perak, West Coast of Malaysia) which was only 65 km away from Tronoh. Simple but compact planning, the budget was laid out after the itineries and logistics kicked in. 2 cars were chartered for this purpose; 1 from Ustaz Cahyono (of USM) and the other was from the canteen operator (makcik kantin). They have put their confidence to appoint Elya to drive Ustaz's car and me to drive Makcik's car.

It was during this organizing that some other group (gang) of people relates the girl's plan as such "Rombongan Cik Kiah" adapted from the famous TV drama (Rombongan Cik Kiah ke Sukan Komanwel). Since that day onwards, the 10 girls were known as CKs. Thanks to the "Tronoh Rangers" for the name so lovely, it brings good memories to us all.

Did I said"Tronoh Rangers"?... Their establishment weren't as significant as the CKs (to think about it, they are more dominant in terms of their friendship bond with each other). This group was founded by the ex-PPP/ITM male students whom each owns a motorcycle. The connection between the CKs and the Trons (Tronoh Rangers) were undeniably "close" as BIG Bros and Little Sis. Big Bro Jai, Sham, Ad, Hasly, Hai, also my batch mates Nazri (Nyet), Rizal (Eddy), Irfan, Zul... (did I miss any names? Toyak skali kan?).

Many plans were planned together after that, many ups and downs were felt together. Accidents happened (glad Hasly and Toyak recovered and is well again), some even fallen in love ( to Junei and Zul), hanging out until late at night infront of the hostel until the security have to call us off to disperse, several farewells and graduations that we gone can I forget all of this?. Sigh.. where are you guys now?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Rombongan Cik Kiah ke Peak District

The Peak District, Derbyshire

Newly established Cik Kiah UK Branch:

My plan to go out and seek the nature in UK's country side was very brief when I proposed for all the UTPians in Manchester to get together on an outing we all will remember. Linda Ong and K Zura (AF) were my priority. Somehow, when I told them the idea of going camping out in the nature, they liked it. I missed nature, and I'd love to see the country side. It will be either Lake District or Peak District for our first outing that shall cover at least 2 interesting places nearby the main destination. We made plans, but at the last minute, Linda had to withdraw herself out. She said she would have to committ on her dissertation so that it will finish early. I wish you all the best Linda, we missed you though.

The two of us were determined to get the plans going, hence we open up the offer to several of the girls that I think would be interested with the plans. We were lucky enough to get another 4 girls to join this trip. We rent an MPV (Corrolla Verso VVT) which was really nice and booked a hostel in Edale to spend the night. Although pitching up a tent sounds very tempting, I hesitated at the idea because we weren't prepared for it.

I am not good at writing travel experiences, that's the reason I have only the itineries here.

Scenes from Peak District...

Travel Itineries


0700 -0800 : Berkumpul di rumah Effa
0830-1015: Journey to York -Designer Outlet
1015-1230 : Shopping around
1230-1315: Picnic Lunch at the lovely carpark
1315-1420: Journey to York town and sightseeing
1530-1720: Journey to Peak District
1720-1830: Rest and relax, tea
1830-2200: Exploring Edale, Peak District
2200-2300: Rest and dinner
2330 : Retire

0700-0900: Prepare breakfast and pack stuffs
0945-1015: Fotography session
1015-1100: Prepare sandwich at kitchen and check out
1100-1200: Enjoying scenery towards Hathersage town
1230-1420: Journey to Stoke On Trent, including getting lost halfway into Sheffield town
1420-1530: Wait for Aiman at Stoke's Potteries Shopping Center
1530-1730: Royal Daulton's factory and Outlet store
1730-1800: Dixy's chicken Stoke
1800-1900: Head back to Manchester
1930-2115: To Old Trafford, and Shell for fueling
2115-2145: To Airport and return the car
2358: Arrive at home

Sunday, June 26, 2005


uuu... (0riginal source from Hafiz's)

Demam tahap kronik! Akademi Fantasia lll

Aduh duhhh... sampai ke sini demam AF 3 kali ni. Hebatnya penangan AF kali ni. Terkini dari ASTRO.

Ingin dimaklumkan bahawa Konsert Akademi Fantasia Minggu Kelima iaitu pada hari Sabtu, 2 Julai akan diadakan secara terbuka di lokasi luar dan kemasukan adalah percuma kepada orang ramai! Konsert ini akan dipentaskan di Dataran Putrajaya, Boulevard, Precint 3, Putrajaya. Tiada tiket diperlukan dan tiada had umur dikenakan untuk menonton konsert ini. Ini merupakan tanda penghargaan dari pihak Astro diatas sokongan padu yang diberikan oleh peminat-peminat setia Akademi Fantasia. Bagi kemudahan orang ramai, perkhidmatan bas akan disediakan oleh pihak Perbadanan Putrajaya dari tempat letak kereta dan Terminal ERL ke tapak konsert di Dataran Putrajaya. Tambang bagi setiap perjalanan akan dikenakan sebanyak 50 sen untuk orang dewasa dan 30 sen untuk kanak-kanak. Seperti konsert-konsert sebelum ini, Konsert Akademi Fantasia kelima ini akan disiarkan secara langsung dari Dataran Putrajaya mulai 8.30 malam. Orang ramai yang ingin menonton konsert ini diminta datang ke Dataran Putrajaya lebih awal. Bagi minggu-minggu seterusnya, lokasi Konsert mingguan Akademi Fantasia akan diadakan semula di Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. Datanglah berkhelah beramai-ramai di konsert ini ya!

Comment: Demam orang Malaysia, tahap kritikal sangat ni!

Menuju Puncak

Sepatutnya kalau dah duduk dekat tempat Mat Salleh ni, duduk depan TV tengok Big Brother, Celebrity Love Island, The Farm.. these are famous English reality show matching to AF3 and Malaysian Idol. Tapi asyik teringat tanah air tercinta. Tambah lagi bila dah ramai yang dah pun balik untuk Summer Holiday. Yang tinggal pun jadilah macam ni, sampai mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena (macam K. Zura yang teringat Mawi).. Asyik download AF diaries, AF concerts (thanks to K. Zura)... for bloggers.. it seems almost every blog that I landed wrote something about AF3.

My most respectful 'Kudos' to Sultan Muzaffar for his ULTIMATE devotion to AF3 feeding us with comments and ideas about the going-ons in AF3. Trust me there are just too many eyes and ears whom are very eager to read your blog wahai Encik Sultan (SM). Sampaikan Makcik Terlampau yang baru sahaja mengoperasikan blog AF nya, blognya dah dalam ranking no 6! Perjuangan Anak Muar diteruskan juga kali ni dengan kesinambungan penyampaian blog oleh penulisnya. Kalau dulu AF2 sekarang AF3, mesti ramai peminat blog yang satu ni. One blog that I just found out from my informer (K. Zura) is Klubkidd's which is at the moment (and will always be) is the most reliable and CLOSEST source to the AF3 students themselves. Pun begitu, jangan lupakan laman web rasmi AF oleh ASTRO.

I still haven't had the chance to go through all of them, its just too much info that I have to absorb at a rate too fast I can't cope .. I am feeling really left out from the updates of AF now, since the latest Concert is still not up for download.

TERUSKAN Mawi World!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hari ini 21 Jun

There's the long story, and there's the short story.

Daisies in Southampton with my un-needed jacket.

Long story begun from the last day of last week's when I started my journey to Southampton to visit Jun (with " " preparing to go back to Malaysia on Tuesday). Then off to London again, to fulfill the invitation for interview at Malaysia Hall.

Mee Udon masak seafood

The days downsouth were luxuriously blessed with the summer sun with temperature reaching 34 C.. Tak biasalah pulak bila dah panas sangat ni (hehe..).. the ice cream melts at a rate faster than us licking it (comot-comot tempat makan tu).

Makang seking tepi lauk

Hari ini, 21 June, after arriving home at about 15 to 3, I got stress up on the incapability of the computer's web browser not being able to open web pages. When I went to the library later in the evening, one of the most historic thing happened. Real funny, I couldn't have done it better.

Also, today marked the day to one of our fellow Old Trafford friend (Click on to Zura Chikong's Blog to see more pictures and news). Joining the crowd, we celebrate and witness the matrimony of Mohd Shah Shukree with Wan Norazimin, together with the rest of the other fellow Malaysians (100-200 people??).. Kampung Manchester lah katakan. Tahniah dan selamat pengantin baru!

Apa-apapun, demam Akademi Fantasia sudah mula melanda... janji WORLD!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ionic liquid, is it a mystery?

I have here the abstract from "The Use of Ionic Liquids Towards Sustainable Development for Processes; the Advantages and Challenges".. ehm ehm.. written by me of course. Should there be any interest in my reasearch area, please leave some comments or ideas that can be shared with others. Drop a line or two, will appreciate it very much. I have here the abstract from "The Use of Ionic Liquids Towards Sustainable Development for Processes; the Advantages and
"Ionic liquids have been suggested as low-impact, environmental friendly replacements for traditional organic solvents related to VOC emissions. Bearing the label for application of “Green Chemistry”, this type of solvent potentially has many benefits. Among the challenges arises when promoting the use of this type of solvent, is their recovery. Further research on this topic is ongoing, assessing on the potential for recovery of ionic liquids from process wastes."


Sedapnya nasi ni.. Terima kasih MCOT~

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Semusim Berlalu.. by Anuar Zain

Melewati hari-hari
Aku rasa sunyi
Kian lama menyendiri
Jiwa yang tak terisi
Merenung ke dalam diri
Kurasa kekosongan
Segala yang kumiliki
Semakin jauh pergi

Di satu masa
Hidupku bahagia
Tika hadirmu dulu
Kedalam duniaku
Di bawah awan
Kita pernah bersatu
Menjalinkan rasa rindu
Semusim yang berlalu
Semua kini
Tak lagi ku temu
Saat denganmu
Yang semakin jauh ditelan waktu
Kenangan lalu
Bersemadi dalam dunia ini
Kekal bersemi
Sebuah cinta abadi
Aku menyusuri waktu
Dengan rasa rindu
Pada senyum dan tangismu
Semusim yang berlalu
Aku pernah merasai
Hilang tak berganti
Sejarahmu yang gemilang
Kan tetap
Di ingatan
Di satu masa
Hidupku bahagia
Dikau hadirmu dulu
Kedalam dunia ku
Dibawah awan kita pernah bersatu
Menjalinkan rasa rindu
Semusim yang berlalu
Aku rasa sunyi tanpa dikau di sisi
Sering terbayang setiap
Kenangan bersama
Tempuhi segalanya

Monday, May 23, 2005

A lifetime of love... Congratulations

Congratulations to two of the most amazing, sweet loving couples. My dearest friends, from Assunta (the all girls) school. One was my partner in crime with whom I (always at all time) partnered with for my social activities in clubs and societies, the other whom I got to know more closer when we were placed in the same class same homeroom in Maktab days..

Noraslinda is now happilly married to Fadly.

Nurul Amal is now happily married (is still on honeymoon) with Naim Majdi (our ex-classmate!).

I felt really crap that I was not able to witness the most memorable day in your lives. Coincidence or not, both of you got married on the same day do you know that? Please do forgive me, really. I missed the two of you. It's been years since we last met.. Linda.. did you remember how fate brought us back together? We bumped into each other.. on the day of your engagement?! What else did I missed?? The wedding.. sad sad sad.. Amal, never really meet up with you ever since.. erm.. gosh.. lost track of time now.. not even a hint about Naim, and now suddenly.. in love, you are (Yoda style).. Married to Naim, you must be (Yoda again).

To the hubbies.. guys, you do realize how lucky you are to have these ladies in your lives right? These are the few of the last remaining 'rare' species of ladies; modern, sophisticated yet gentle, kind and loving. Treat them real nice, and you will see what I mean.

A life time of love, that is what I am praying for both of these newly weds. Selamat Pengantin Baru.. Enjoy your honeymoon!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Some thoughts...

“eat good food, do good job, day you try, night you cry (to Allah SWT)”

Eat good food

The saying starts with eat good food, which in a way telling us this is the priority in our everyday living. Elaborating on good food reflects a few angle of views. The first that usually came through our minds will be in terms of its taste. From the most expensive restaurants, to small shops and stalls (warung) we seek to find the best tasting food ever. Though I never had the chance to dine in KL areas back to my working days in Malaysia, I have heard several places well known to dine for lunch.

Ikan in banana leaves after being barbecued

One of which is the Ikan Bakar's (barbeque fish) place somewhere behind the Istana Negara in KL.

Mouth watering ikan bakar with air asam & chilli

It is very mouth watering to talk about ikan bakar, especially to those whom is now living far away from reaching this glorious seafood that can be abundantly found in Malaysia. Places where it is most famous for its ikan bakar is Umbai, Melaka and Port Dickson (there are several places, one of which is quite a distance away from the PD town).

Ikan Terubuk

Talk about fishes, what about steaks and lamb chops. I personally don’t fancy lambs, but steaks, I do fancy them BIG TIME! Name them all, Chillies, Victoria Station, Windmill, TGI Fridays, and the list went on and on..

Do good job
Talk about food during working days, that was when one of my Bruneian counterparts reminded me to eat good food during the day so that you can DO GOOD JOB. Right, this is the point I am getting into. The reason why we have to eat, is to live… not live to eat. What you eat, is what makes you are today. It is the reason why Halal food give guidelines to what food is good to eat and what not to eat. It is very simple to those who followed these guidelines, in a way it is building up a healthier being of your selves. Halal guided the preparation of meat (farm animals) to be prepared in a certain manner by looking at the slaughtering processes. For every ritual it is done, there is a reason to it. This will ensure that I will get clean and healthier meat. The opposite of halal is "haram" which is the things (including food) that is forbidden for Muslims. It is rather simple to think of, all foods are halal to be eaten, except poisonous animals (such as snakes & poisonous insects, spiders etc), animals with claws and fangs (such as such as tigers and eagles), amphibians (such as frog), blood of animals (or even humans) and most importantly pigs. Haram also constitutes food and drinks that are alcoholic (wines, beers, etc).

A healthy being is a happy being.. "good job, you will do" ( this sentence is Yoda style).

Day you try, night you cry

The whole saying comes together nicely rhymed. It was the saying of one of the respected Ulamak (I will try to get the quote later). At night, this is the time if we want to cry, we cry to Allah reflecting of the things we have done for the day. May it be good, or bad, Allah knows it all. How good it must feel to be blessed by Allah, we cry for this.. How bad it must have felt, if we turn our back to Allah, we cry for that too..

This piece of saying, I will not forget (Yoda style again). Perhaps because I feel it is very true..

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sun shine in my window...

Sneak peek

Whitworth Park, was covered with snow last December..

Whitworth Park, on December the 26th

Thursday, May 12, 2005

betul ke wahai lelaki??

Petua Memikat Lelaki...

1. Sentiasa tersenyum dan jangan bersikap
sombong apabila berinteraksi dengan Lelaki.

2. Berpewatakan menarik dan mempunyai tingkah
laku yang baik mampu menarik minat Lelaki.

3. Lelaki menyukai sikap yang tidak banyak
kerenah dan boleh bertolak ansur.

4. Jujur, amanah dan ikhlas serta sentiasa
merendah diri.

5. Lakukan apa yang dia suka dan jangan lakukan
apa yang dia tidak suka.

6. Mempunyai bentuk badan yang menarik
(terpulang kepada individu.. taste memasingkan..).

7. Pandai dalam memainkan peranan ketika
berada di samping lelaki yang anda minati.

8. Usah cemburu yang terlalu over.

9. Jangan terlalu mengongkong.

10. Ketika berinteraksi dengan mereka jangan lupa
gunakan bahasa tubuh yang anda ketahui seperti
mata dan tangan.

11. Jaga cara pemakaian anda, seksi atau tidak
terpulang kepada lelaki yang anda minati.

12. Sering memberikan kad ucapan buat si dia
yang kamu minati untuk 'plan' pertama memikat

13. Lelaki sukakan insan yang berterus terang
tanpa menyembunyikan sesuatu.

14. Apabila berhadapan dengan lelaki yang kamu
minati, renungi matanya dan tunjukkan sifat humor
kamu. Ini adalah taktik untuk memberitahu si dia
bahawa kamu boleh didekati tetapi bukan bererti
kamu ini insan murahan dan mudah didekati.

15. Jangan bersikap selalu jual mahal apabila
berada bersama mereka.

16. Bijak menyesuaikan diri dalam apa jua

17. Tidak mudah putus asa dan sentiasa berdiri di
atas kaki sendiri tanpa meminta pertolongan dari
orang lain.

18. Jangan suka bercakap benda yang tidak
berfaedah ketika bercakap dengan mereka.

19. Jangan bandingkan 'dia' dengan lelaki-lelaki
yang pernah kamu kenali.

20. Menjadi temannya ketika dia susah dan

21. Lelaki suka kamu menjadi pendengar yang
setia dan tidak suka insan yang suka

22. Yang paling penting lelaki suka dimanjai
dengan belaian dan kata-kata yang romantik.

23. Sesekali lakukan aktiviti out door bersama -
lelaki amat mengemari aktiviti out door.

24. Lelaki tidak suka jika kamu berpakaian tak
sesuai mengikut tempat.

25. Mengetahui bila hari lahirnya.

26. Menghormati dirinya, keluarga dan teman-
teman yang rapat dengannya.

27. Bersikap matang dalam tutur-kata dan tingkah
laku. Lelaki tidak suka insan yang bersikap terlalu

28. Agresif.

29. Jangan terlalu 'excited' ketika bertemu dan
berbual dengannya. Contohnya berbual terlalu lama
di telefon untuk perkenalan pertama.

30. Jangan terlalu bersikap 'kelakian' dan ganas
dalam pergaulan.

31. Jangan terlalu menunjukkan bahawa kamu ini
terlalu baik dan 'perfect'.

32. Jangan perasan bahawa kamu ini mempunyai
paras rupa yang menarik.

33. Sentiasa memegang prinsip sederhana dan
tidak boros di dalam perbelanjaan.

34. Sentiasa bercakap dengan ikhlas, jujur dan
lembut dengan mereka.

35. Kebersihan diri adalah keutamaan untuk
memikat lelaki.

36. Ketahuilah lelaki walau nampak kasar tapi
adalah adalah golongan yang terlalu sensitif.

37. Kenali siapa dirinya yang sebenar sebelum
kamu memulakan langkah untuk memikat.

38. Aset penting bagi kamu untuk memikat lelaki
adalah mata, punggung dan gaya langkah kamu
yang kemas.

39. Jangan mengutuk lelaki samada didepannya
atau membelakanginya.

40. Jangan bersikap terlalu kuno.

41. Bertanya khabar sekurang-kurangnya dua kali
seminggu agar tali persahabatan kamu dengannya
tidak putus begitu sahaja. Mungkin suatu hari nanti
sikap kamu yang terlalu mengambil berat mampu
menarik perhatiannya.

42. Usia dan bentuk badan bukan menjadi ukuran
yang penting tetapi kecerdikan, kejujuran dan
tingkah laku yang bersopan-santun.

43. Lelaki suka insan yang mesra.

44. Menunjukkan bahawa kamu bukanlah seorang
insan yang mudah dipermainkan.

45. Jangan terlalu merengek dan mengada-ngada.

46. Jangan tunjukkan kelemahan kamu ketika
berada di samping lelaki yang kamu minati.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The new UK government will form today

Labour just won over some marginal polling results. Congratulations Mr Blair for securing the third term for Labour Party's ruling the UK government, though with a drastic reduced in majority. While the Tories are recovering (a bit) from the previous election turmoil, the Lib Dems has every reason to call the British government a "no-more-two-party government".

~That's all I have to say..

Indeed, it is AIM 2005..not from my lense

AIM 2005 - Peter Pan - Ada Apa Denganmu
Sudah maafkan aku, segala salahku
Dan bila kau tetap bisu
Ungkapkan salahmu
Dan aku sifatku, dan aku khilafku
Dan aku cintaku, dan aku rinduku

Sudah, lupakan semua
Segala berubah
Dan kita terlupakan, kita terluka
Dan aku sifatku, dan aku khilafku
Dan aku cintaku, dan aku rinduku

Kutanya malam, dapatkah kau lihatnya
Perbedaan yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu

Oh...hanya malam dapat meleburkan
Segala rasa yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Should I or should I not?

I have heard the manifestos from some the contending parties.. but I still can't figure out which ones I should vote for. Here's a list of reasons why I should and should not vote for each of the parties.


Leader : Tony Blair

What I like:

The economic upbeat since Tony Blair steps up after John Major.

What I don’t like:

The decision on going to war with Iraq. Big mistake Mr. Blair, will lose vote on this major issue. However, I can feel that many Britons, as some of whom I talked to would forgive him for that mistake, as long he promised to not to repeat it again. Many were against Blair because he literally didn’t do anything (at all) on the kidnapping of the British citizens in Iraq, two of whom were beheaded by the militants group due to not fulfilling their demands in letting free the women prisoners in Iraq.


Leader: Micheal Howard

What I like:

Is against Iraq war and fair tax to everyone, put more police on the beat to cut down crime rate is one of their main stand out points why we should vote for Tory’s. This Tory leader is opposing the idea of European Constitution because in a way, it takes away the “goodness” of being a British. Good point in a way. Conservatives believe that Britain should remain an independent state and that our country should not be submerged into a single European state.

What I don’t like:

The promise of wanting to give tighter control on immigrants, I bet he’s already having headache just to think of the starting point of how to do it. If he really does want to send back immigrants, immediately, the National Health Service (NHS) will collapse overnight due to sudden shortage of staffs (80-90% are immigrants).


Leader:Charles Kennedy

What I like:

Promised a better government, which is….by “Slimming the Government - the Lib Dem plan for cutting the size of government” AND issues on climate change.. wow, does he really concern with the environment?

What I don’t like:

I don’t know actually, apart from their plans to raise the tax for a person’s income. There’s already too many, way too many taxes the current government had put onto the people, the hardworking mass (these are minus points for the Labour) to balance the economy and combat poverty which is good in a way but support single mothers???

I still have a couple of hours IF I finally decide which to vote. Oh yes, didn't I mention, I have already the right to go for voting. Yup, merely six months and with no hassle at all, our names were already listed to go for voting. If only this small details be implement in Malaysia, I would gladly go out and vote, to fulfill my rights.

Crudely, these are the opinions and impressions that I have on them. Don't be too confident now Labour, the Tory's and Lib Dem are not going to make it easy this time. Till then, we'll wait to see who will take the place at No. 10, Downing Street later tomorrow.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Kampung Manchester

Life is like a box of chocolate.. Manchester Malaysian Night Door Gift

Nak buat macamana, dah tempat ni memang kampung... orang-orang Melayu pulak membuat penempatan baru, memangla jadi kampung bharu Manchester.

Lauk kita hari ni..

Tak sabar dah nak makan.. ini hari lain pulak.

Nak tambah lagi ni..

Syok ke makan tu?

Gaya bersantai..

Konyang dah..

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

All wrapped up...

It's the time for no more fooling around.. (yeah right..) Exam time and I am wrapped up with 4 reports to be handed in with due dates soooooo close to the exams. Though I have only two paper to sit for, the rest of the subjects really do depends solely on reports and presentations. Imagine the stress of writing up 3000 words per report in a go.. however, 3 accomplished 1 to go.. And when can I then focus on my TWO papers? Time is precious but look at me now, can't resist the tempatation of wanting blog and blog.. I promise myself to make it short and simple, so I crammed every thoughts that I have gathered this past week into one posting. (Been collecting the ideas and views to write on this postings, but the longer I keep it, the less I tend to publish it.)

The UK General Election 050505...
Nice selection of date.. As been well publicized in the UK, the Prime Minister's Office in London, the 10, Downing Street have declared that the Parliament was dissolved on April 11th. Anyone up to general elections? Real interesting to see the setting of UK's political scene. The day where everyone is said to wanting to topple down Tony Blair (just in words, but not doing so.. haha).. The Labour and Conservative are competiting head to head now, with each party delivering their own "TV campaign", you can see how well the politicians actually act in front of the camera. Judge it yourself, looking at Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's tactics of attacking Micheal Howard's Conservative party... they really hit the point aint it? (pronouce it the British way).. More research about the political scene is coming from me, after the 29th of April (Wastewater Engineering Exam). As I am attaching the links to these website, I remembered the issue told by one of the someone from BBC that, the internet being the easiest most powerful links to General Elections information. Too easy for access.. Here's a list of the competiting political parties. Make notes about what are their manisfestos.. and why were they established.

Labour Tony Blair
Conservative Micheal Howard
Liberal Democrat Charles Kennedy
Veritas new RobertKilroy-Silk ?
UK Independence Party

Bringing the Chemical Engineers in you...

I attended the IChemE AGM (North West Branch) last Monday, just to have an insight what the fuss of IChemE is all about. Since I have already registered with them (and paid a certain amount of pound sterling), I might as well make an effort to join them.. Berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah.. terasa sekali dalam majlis macam ni.. Oh yeah, (to En Razak, my ex-boss.. ) I've had the pleasure of learning a new perspective of Chemical Engineering.. It's history!.. A long time ago, I was questioned about whether I really do know the history of my profession.. errr.... of course not at that time NO.. and since Prof John Perkins, former President of IChemE delivered a presentation on this, I figured I should not miss these very important facts(so that I can tell my ex-boss now I knew it all, from the original speaker!). The names Davis, Lavoisier, Dupont, etc.. now I know who they were'. Manchester, the setting where it took place, the heart of Industrial Revolution in the UK.

Manchester Malaysian Night.
Grandest event of the year (for us lah.. whom trapped in this place called kampung Manchestee). The 'gian' side of me showed off when I appeared to be sibuk-menyibuk (kepochi) with the performance that I used to get involved with, semasa muda-muda dulu.. Tarianlah, Dikir Baratlah.. and Silat!!! (Kembara aje tak masuk list sini).. its ok.. I enjoyed some good dose of kompang playing, Kurik Kundi and Nirmala dance.. yang silat ni aliran lain (the one with Kulop & Jack's) , as I figured it should be. PEJA is going to "levitate" himself in this performance which I know he may well be capable of doing.. Menarik bukan? So, friends from all over UK, let's join us this Saturday.. Grandest event for Kampung Manchestee..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Sneek peek into Holland..

For sometime, Holland lies only in my dreams, the nicest place on earth, prettiest flowers and great landmarks such as the windmills. Now that I was there, I feel glad and thankful (to Allah) to make my dreams came true.

When I was drafting up the itineries for Holland, I simply have the idea (with Aidie) that these are the places I need to step foot to. Cheese place, Windmill place, tulip place. We then worked our way there, and found ourselves at the grandest place for cheese, grandest place for windmill, grandest place for tulips. Perhaps I put too much expectation that I feel these figures looked much nicer in pictures than in real life. Well, that being my personal opinion..

Tulips for example are nice for its vibrant colours, strikingly beautiful under the sun. The bulb fields stretched along the countryside of Amsterdam and we can observe whole field of tulip...but still not in full bloom. Nevertheless, the garden Keukenhof was not a dissappointment actually. It displayed the most prettiest flowers: daffodils, tulips, and many more I can't even recall their names, and here, they made it somehow to display full bloomed tulips. They're gorgeous with the right blend of colours, the garden was breathtakingly beautiful (I am running out of vocab here).. But, that's it, for tulips, nothing more than that. I would vote for roses on top of tulip, at least roses can looked pretty and smell nice at the same time.

The windmills are magnificient.. the ambiance surrounding it was very serene and calm. Even the ducks are really friendly too.. Haha.. I really like it there.

Friendly neighbourhood of Kinderdijk

A real Dutch Lady in Alkmaar!

The cheese market at Alkmaar was the place to go if you want to see the locals, what's up in their calender for Spring/Summer. Really an experience to be there.

Their port city, Rotterdam was also a place to be, it is here where many famous sailors, shipping company originate. Located at southern Holland, Rotterdam lies at muara sungai facing the open sea.

On board the ship that Aidie is navigating ..
almost crashing into those other boats behind us (hehe.. berlakon jek).

Being modernize now, Amsterdam is becoming the city of heaven. I am talking about its redlight district.. phew.. we stayed there, and we saw it all (wink^ wink^).... this is the city where it proudly annouces that Marijuanna is legal to be sold and smoke here..

Oh ya, there are so many (too much) canals in Holland and Amsterdam itself than there are streets for other motor vehicles. I even make a remark, the difference between Malaysian's address for home is we use Jalan (street) names, Hollanders uses Canal names (joke joke..) Canals are like the main transportation for them, seems every house will have their own boat parking.

Yes, their transport system are excellent... they have trams and busses to transport you withing the city, just buy a strippenkart for a cheaper rate rather than buying from the counter inside the tram... only thing you need to be familiar to get these cards/tickets stamped. BUT.. the infamous transport system is alway the traditional bicycle. I can confirm with my own judgement that there are many more bicycles in Holland than cars. Pity, we didn't have the pleasure of using one during our stay. Millions and billions of bikes were parked in front of the train station, Rotterdam.. just amazing to see it that amount.. All are not racing bikes, just normal basikal tua type..


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Brussels in the menu

Honestly, I never have had any dreams about belgium, just that I know its somewhere nearby Holland and France. But the short visit to this friendly city changed my perspective. The city treated us good.. with most fascinating people I have met.

The locals are simply saying Salam to us everytime we passed them, we get at least 10 salams when we are passing over the famous street for locals to dine (don't remember the RUE name). Another interesting fact is, these people seemed to know that we are Asians and that we are from Malaysia.. or the least inaccurately guessing we are Indonesians. (Even the people in the UK got so confused when I mentioned Malaysia). But Belgians KNOW.. Some of them even talked about our Primers.. Pak Lah, Mahathir.. and (almost) always famous Anwar Ibrahim. But most interesting thing I found out from them is they are very keen of us being Muslim that they really give us advise and “tarbiyah”..what not to eat, what not to buy, where not to go etc etc.. I mean, I really found these kind of people in Brussels?? wow, ibarat jauh panggang dari api. dekat Malaysia pun tak macam ni. Here I got the chance to practice lousy French (Bonjour.. mainly.. haha…) because Belgians speak French. Compared to Dutch, where Indonesian influence can be seen everywhere (nasi goreng and sate in their main menu!), here Morrocan dominate the small shops and other food business. So, you can guess why we are being treated nice, these Morrocans are mostly Muslims. Talk about food, we did savoured their local cuisine, like Aidie love to say it.. let's try their local cuisine, don't need to bring too much Maggie Mee (hahaha..because I insist we eat Maggie Mee). Famous for their mussel dishes, I ordered Mussel in cream and garlic (dulu dekat kampung taknak makan kupang, jauh-jauh kat sini nak pulak makan) . Like what we did in Amsterdam, trying out Dutch Pancakes. The fact that shouldn't be forgotten is the world famous Belgian Chocolate.. name it Godiva, Newhouse, Leonidas, Guylian.. this is the place where it originates. Try it, it tastes like you never tasted chocolate before.. The REAL trademark of Belgium.. (no relevant pictures to show here..)

Many people told us that there is nothing much to see in Brussels. Well, we proved them wrong. Even for this one day touring of Brussel, we found many historical places in town, the last point of tram stop in town (because we missed the Centraal stop) and we have already seen all of Europe, but with a smaller scale. Nearby Hazel tram stop, there are at least 3 places to visit, which are Little Europe (have to pay 11.80 euros to enter) , Bruparck (water theme park like Sunway Lagoon type) and Atomic Garden . With limited time, we still enjoyed Little Europe.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Feast for the eyes...

Blend of colours

Purple has got its class

One in a a million..

Outstanding yellow

Good shot.. nice angle..

Spoiled white

Sneeking amongst tulips

Pink Sundal Malam

Purple Sundal Malam

Simply outstanding

Not a tulip, but still as pretty


Tulips in deep red

Pure white..

Bunch of them, pink shades..

Tak tau nak tulis apa nih..

Not a daffodils

For all my friends,

Cukuplah ni sebagai buah tangan from Holland... it lifted my mood just looking at it. Copyright reserved. Masterpieces of me and Aidie.. hehe..

From Gooddermorgen.. to Bonjour...

Amsterdam was buzzing (proudly stating: this is the only place where smoking Marijuanna is legal), Rotterdam was breezily friendly, Alkmaar was cheesily welcoming, Volendam was lovely a village, Keukenhoff........ was breathtakingly beautiful. Hollanders were kind, they speak Dutch..

Sneek Peek into Holland, Kinderdijk

The Cheesy part of Holland, Alkmaar

Beds of flowers, Keukenhoff

Parking for boats and cars (famous Holland canals), (lupa nama kampung ni)

The city where famous sailors came from, Rotterdam

Belgium was very historic. Minneken Piss (history where a small kid saved the city by pissing on the fuse of a bomb meant for Brussels) were displayed everywhere in their souvenir shop in all types and sizes.. Not being a low land area, many of the sights were very picturesques. Mini Europe is among the latest place to go to. Belgian chocolates just simply cannot be resist. Most distinctively I can say is Belgians were very very charming, they speak mostly French..

This duo backpacking trip was only accompanied with a single digicam which is not mine (since memory is not as big as Aidie's). Will update on the digi format of Brussels pic when I have them with me. (We initially have disposable camera for Brussels). Hope Aidie's camera will be good as new after repair.